FAFSA ~ Text Messaging ~ and College Students

January 1, 2009 ~ THE day, the INFAMOUS day, that we parents of college students get the privilege of going through the FAFSA…
While it isn’t that daunting of a task if you have all your ducks in a row, for those of us who don’t, it can be some gynormous experience. That I’m thankful only comes once a year!
But you get satisfaction, like text messages from your child, that says, “I love you mom” No reason why, just because, and while they were in HS, there was no way, that was coming from their phone.
Some reason in college, they miss you just a bit more, get more excited to hear your voice, and love getting mail. However, I’m a bad mom.
It costs just as much to SEND a care package as to buy what’s in the care package. I have access to David’s bank account, and will deposit money just because I love him, text him and say, your care package is in your bank account 🙂
Ah, but he’s grateful anyway!
So thank you to the FAFSA that causes me grief at the beginning of the year, but because of that 5 letter acronym, I get those special little text messages and pictures like below
Outside David's Dorm

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