Giving during the Season, and my Failure

I am a perpetual volunteer –
I love to give back –
I love to “pay it forward”

Sunday I had a dose of reality. Our church was hosting a blood drive. For many years I have not been able to donate because I was CMV positive (cytomegalovirus). However that qualification has been removed (or rather disqualification) from the screening process.
I’m getting to the point of this…

In 2006, I had a benign meningioma removed with some grafting of bone done (from my own bone), and thought that would put me out, but it didn’t. Phew, got past that one.

I also have COPD, Diastolic Dysfunction (CHF) and Emphysema. None of my meds were on the list, so I thought GREAT!!! I can finally do somehing.

My screen will be positive and I can “pay it forward” by giving blood.
The initial screen went well. No problem, good to go.

I get to the 2nd screening and sadly am told, based on the diastolic dysfunction, alone, those are “abnormalities for denial”

My heart broke literally. I cried. I wept profusely. Because I will never be able to give back to the medical community that could possibly save someone’s life

Medically I understand. I really do.. emotionally, I’m devastated. As it’s just one more than that I am physically unable to do.

Jesus shed His blood for me, His life, His everlasting being. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way comparing myself to Jesus as there is no comparison.
But for me the symbolism of not being able to donate one pint of blood, the very thing that Jesus gave for me to have eternal life, is the symbol of failure on my part.

To those of you that are physcially able, please do. The blessing you will receive is gynormous (yes that’s a made up word) and your time, your efffort, your life’s blood is one simple part of someone else’s being able to be alive for whatever medical reason that they might not could have otherwise without your donated blood.

Thank you to those who donate regularly. Your willingness to give, has saved my husbands life. Maybe not you personally, but the symbolism and gift is something that can never be repaid.

Just like the gift of our Precious Lord Jesus and the blood He shed for you and me.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this season, please remember that someone may be going through something where their life blood is not enough.
Giving one pint of your blood could save someone’s life.

Jesus gave his life. All you need to do is give a pint. (and you get cookies)

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