Sibling Rivalry and Adult Children

My children were always competitive, in sports, in school, at home, didn’t matter where, or what.  They always wanted to know who was better.

I see Brian (oldest, 25) and David (youngest, now 20),  now and I think back about all of the things they have competed against.

Brian has so many more math skills than David, David was a better reader, Brian has a better work ethic, David is the better basketball player, (although Brian taught him how to play, but I was his first Coach). 

Brian earned his Eagle scout, and David dropped out of scouting as a Life scout.  Just SO many differences and accomplishments.  Now that’s not to say they are perfect by any means, trust me 🙂 

My boys are far from perfect, and I will be the FIRST one to tell you that. 

Brian is a plumber and a wonderful one at that.  He is requested and asked for, and I hear so many people praise his plumbing work.  (mom beams here).  One of his bosses told me once that they have customers that won’t allow anyone in their house but him to work on their plumbing. 

David is an excellent basketball player, out of HS 2 years now, and I still hear people talking about how well he played.  When someone asks me about him and his college career, one of the first things they will mention is his basketball, and he is succeeded in fulfilling his dream of playing basketball in college.  And he is a self taught guitarist (earning a scholarship in both basketball and guitar).  And he’s really goood if I do say so myself.  I love to hear him play and especially “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles.

But I see them now as adults.  And I see their relationship.   And I realize, how wonderful my boys are.  They have bonded so much as adults, that when I see them, I see not only brothers, but friends. 

I believe that their working together for an entire summer was one of the best things that could have ever happened to their relationship.  They were always close, but now they are great friends also.

They have both been able to see something in each other, that I don’t think they saw before spending an entire summer, day in, day out, and sometimes 10-15 hours a day.

Sure they got mad at each other, they had their moments, but still all in all, as a parent, seeing my two sons, as adults as just made all the rivalry, all the fights, all the bickering and the “he’s looking at me” and the “he’s breathing my air” worth it on so many different levels.

I have wonderful children, and am so very proud of both of them, in spite of the many arguments and rivalry that they had as young children.

I think the only real rivalry that exists today is on the basketball court, and I’m not EVEN going there. 🙂

I just know I love to watch them play

Here is a picture of the boys with their grandfather!

2 Responses

  1. Thank you very much


  2. Sounds like you have a lot to be proud of. They both sound great (although I have a professional prejudice in favor of the plumber). Good work Mom!


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