Getting Older

Stinks!!! That’s the only way to describe it.
I have always been very active, up until a few years ago. And in a period of 2 years, I had back surgery, was diagnosed with diabetes, CHF, Diastolic Dysfunction, Pulmonary Hypertension and then a couple years after that, found out I had a benign brain tumor. Everything is under control the best it can be and I’m doing well for the most part
Yesterday, however, I found out that my foot my be disentegrating inside itself. There is a term for it, but I can’t remember what it is.
I am now officially on crutches with non-weight bearing for an indefinite amount of time.
To top it all off, I have been on SSD for 2 years now, and my medicare kicked in on 12/1 ~ Thank you LORD for that miracle of miracles. I went back in Nov to get my supplement, and my insurance agent, wrote the contract on the wrong one, so as of today I still have no supplement, so can’t really get the treatment I need.
So in the meantime, I get to use crutches!!! YEAH for me!!
Now I’ve been on crutches numerous times, as when I was 2, both my legs were broke and on the two legs, I’ve had 14 corrective surgeries, 10 on one leg/foot.
So this is not new. But ya know
At 46, I’m too old for crutches!!!
So please say a prayer that I don’t kill myself on crutches! 🙂
People my age, should be able to walk around on their own two feet!

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