Update to Getting Older

Well the obvious, I’m a day older! 

I did get my insurance fixed, I’ve had my CT scan.  And I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Melody at the corporate office in San Antonio who fixed all my insurance. 

She was my angel on earth.  I talked to her yesterday and she walked my insurance contract through enrollment and got the effective date corrected and then the enrollment division called me early this morning to let me know it was fixed!  God BLESS them!!!  I have no clue how well this supplement is going to work, but after the treatment I received from them yesterday with their corporate office, I’m hooked for a year at least.  I was seriously considering changing, but they proved themselves yesterday in so many ways. 

Now I’m off to spend the day with my wonderful grandchildren at the older J’s birthday party.  We are headed off to an indoor waterpark, and will be swimming the evening away!  Yes, I will be involved.  I will have my scooter, and my crutches, and I’m gonna do what ever I can to enjoy myself and my beautiful babies.  (and their parents) <~~ notice they are always an after thought.  That old adage, that if I could have had my grandkids first I would have… That’s SO true!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I will also!!! 

God bless you all, because life is such a blessing and if it weren’t for Him, none of us would be able to take our next breath.

Remember to thank someone today and say something nice to someone!  I’m learning from my kindergartner 🙂

Talk to me!!!

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