The Magic Of Turning 6

The Magic of Turning 6

The Magic of Turning 6

What a wonderful, sweet, magical age.  It’s that age, when you are learning to gain independence in so many different ways.. Your life revolves not only around your family, but you have your school life now. 

You focus on reading and coloring in the lines, better than you ever could before.  You strive to get a “green” dot, just to show mom and day, “HEY Look, I was really good today at school”

You have new friends, your teacher is your best friend, and sometimes even, you are going to do even more “grown up” things, like have your first slumber party, or “classmate birthday party” (as opposed to just the usual family and cousins and aunts and uncles, albeit they are still important too)

We celebrated MJ’s 6th birthday Friday at the Waterpark..  with cake, presents, and singing happy birthday, and grandparents, aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles and cousins, and classmates!

For that brief fleeting moment, you are the princess, the center of attention, and everything is all about you, as it should be.  Everyone watches as you very diligently open your presents, and ooh and ahh, over each new Tinker Bell gift you have received, because everyone knows TINK IS DA BOMB!!

Then you have cake and everyone sings just to you! 

How can it NOT be magical???  Then just when you think it can’t get any better, (remember you are at the waterpark), you go to get in line, and of course they have to check your height to see just how tall you are, so they can follow all the safety rules, and see if you are just quite tall enough to go on the big slides (although they let you when mommy is there)…  You back up to the stand, and it has that magical number of 48″  and everyone is watching, because, well, you are only 6.  And then, you realize, YOU MADE IT, with a couple of centimeters to spare!!! 

THE BIG SLIDE… WITHOUT A PARENT!!  What more magic can you have than that???

But wait, your best friend, your sister, who is only 14 months younger than you, but is really, really small because she received the pixie dust at birth, has to go up and check her height, and while you know she won’t reach the 48″, you are just hoping and wishing that she gets to the 36″ (without tippie toes)… And she backs up against the sign, and SHE MADE IT!!! 

Just a short 6 mths ago, NEITHER of you made the height requirements, you weren’t quite 48″ and couldn’t go down the big slide with mom, and sister wasn’t near 36″ and couldn’t go down the medium slides at all.

But now, with the magic of turning 6 (you know that’s what did it) you and sis, BOTH get to “gain a step up”

You are A BIG GIRL!!!  What a magical day for a 6 year old, all your friends and family (most of them) all the Tinker Bell presents you received and what wonderful friends you have for thinking of how much you love Tink… And then the WATERPARK!!

For 3 magical hours, you slide, you play in the wave pool, you float down the lazy river, you are the big girl now, so you help get your baby cousin (who is only almost 2) get up and go down the bitty kid slides..  Remember, you are a big girl now!!

And then, to top it all off, you don’t have to have mommy at your side every single minute while you are swimming because you know how to swim like a fish, and as a big girl, you know that you have to follow the lifeguards rules, so you do it patiently and you do it without question!

The magic of turning 6!!  and then you have 365 more days to wonder and dream about what is in store for 7!!

I had the pleasure of spending my evening Friday night with my great-niece MJ, at her 6th birthday party.  I don’t think any little girl, could have asked for anything more!  MJ has lost her top two teeth and her bottom two have been long gone and the new adult ones are coming in, and when you see that toothless smile and that magic in her eyes, you can’t help but think just for a fleeting moment, of that magic of turning 6.

MJ, you are my precious, sweet, wonderful niece, who I adore and love so much.  I am so proud of you..

And I’m so glad that I got to share the magic with you.



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