Christmas Angels

We have had the wonderful fortune to have been blessed by an angel.  Our car is fixed, completely, transmission, rearend, head gaskets, radiator, everything.  Mr. C, I can never thank, you enough and God has a special place for you in heaven. 

You have just blessed our family in so many ways, that I don’t think you will ever realize. 

I’m not going into detail here, because I just don’t feel it’s appropriate, however, in your prayers, say a little blessing for Mr. C and his family.  They are defnitely the image of what Christmas and Christ is all about.  Their love, their gift, their lives, are truly walking in His spirit in every way.  If I could even come close to explaining how Christlike this family has been, I don’t think it would be enough, and it certainly wouldn’t be enough gratitude or thanksgiving.  I just don’t know how to say thank you the right way.  But I know it will come.  Through the tears, through the renewed belief in people and this world, and stepping outside of my little box and realizing that, yes, Laura, God does exist, in ways that I’ve never even come close to imagining. 

God is amazing, and I am just blessed and thankful for people like Mr. C, that “walk the walk”

I’ve seen men and women live their faith, and live for Christ, but I think I truly saw a glimpse of Heaven today, and one that has given me hope where I was lacking, love where I had hate, and true and sheer forgiveness and humbleness in the face of God. 

And I know just in my church alone, their are people that “walk the walk” however, I think for me personally, I had become accustomed to Mr. H and his eloquent talks with God, and Bro C and how he preaces the gospel and lives what he preaches.  Not those feel good sermons, but just the down right fire and brimstone, Heaven and Hell, and Mr. D, who faithfully gives of his time in so many ways, that are beyond belife, and Mr. S, who has such a servant’s heart, and is just willing to serve in any way needed.  I see this everyday in our church and so many more that aren’t listed here, that well, I just don’t have the room to list everyone. 

But when you see it daily, sometimes, you (ME) get to where you think that’s what is expected.   And you take so many people for granted on a daily basis. 

I haven’t been brought to my knees in humble prayer and thanksgiving with happy emotions in a long time.  Yes I’ve prayed, and yes I’ve thanked God daily for the blessings He has given us.  But this was different, to be paralyzed with total emotion, is an experience that I haven’t had in a long time, and it’s something that God just slapped me upside the head with a 2×4 to say, HEY!!! LOOK!!!  I’m still here, you just have to know where to look.  And quit focusing on the wrong things.

And I thank God now, for that slap upside the head,  for Mr. C and for everyone who ever “gives back” those that do it behind the scenes and those that do it openly.  Your love for God and your love for others. 

Showing Your grace and mercy, is something that should bring someone to their knees in prayer of thanksgiving.

Talk to me!!!

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