Spending a Day With Your Dad

reunion_004at first thought, that is a perfectly acceptable thing to do!!! But you don’t know my dad! Country to the max, old fashioned to the max, loves his home, doesn’t like to be away from home. Home is his sanctuary!

My adventures with dad and getting another  differential for my car:

And I take him to Dallas on New Years Eve! What a trip! We leave at 8:30 am, headed to North East Garland to pick up a receipt from the guy who put it in to begin with. We leave Garland on the GWB (tollroad) okay, dad’s truck has a school bus transmission in it, not the best thing to be on a toll road with, however it works, till we hit the first booth, and he’s like WHAT the heck (I’m toning this down)
then we get to the next one, and because he’s arguing me and I’m not paying attention, we get in the wrong lane ~ whoosh, blow that plaza right on by. Just waiting on the little letter from the state of Texas LOL Okay, I’m laughing so hard I’m needing to go potty again ~ This has been a trip and a half so far.

Get to the next (and thank God the last) he throws the money, and he drops half of it, so I go digging for the rest of my quarters, and he throws them in no problem. We get off the GWB, and head over to the wrecking yard.

I hear all about how he worked in this area, and how he used to drive all over Dallas, but they didn’t have these kinds of roads when he drove up her (of course dad, it’s been almost 60 years)

But I’m patient, and laughing at the same time. Still needing to go potty LOL

We get to the wrecking yard finally and we both race into the building, he goes potty, I tell the guy what I’m there for, then go potty LOL RELIEF..

They bring out the first rearend, has the wrong gear ratio (yes a girl knows what a gear ratio code is) and yes, if you get a different code with the same ratio it will still work, so instead of GU6 go ahead and bring the PNU.

Ha! Fooled them! Oh BTW you broke the lug bolts off, can you pull 3 out of the differential I just brought you… Um no, that’s sheared, pull another please LOL

Okay we get BACK in the truck, and are headed to meet DH, we still aren’t in rush hour traffic (or at least time wise) but it’s like it is, because it is NYE in Dallas. We are in West Grand Prarie and it is uber busy. We head out to the place to meet DH. We sit and wait (Dad isn’t good at waiting) Dh has left Temple about 45 minutes before that. I have dad drive around some, just to get the “juices flowing”

During this time, my son has headed off to the Armed Forces Bowl game, so I’m getting texts from him and Dh all at the same time, about several different things.  I want to be left alone, because dad has ragged and ragged um ~ talked and talked to me since leaving.

We get DH, get his truck over to the yard, and head off towards downtown DALLAS ~ I’m already praying, and of course, dad is driving, as always, and we end up in bumper to bumper traffic, both ways we’ve gone.  His transmission is getting hot and he’s getting worried, so of course, there goes another cigarette.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH


    Two inches, TWO INCHES

and we would have bought a new truck LOL

We creep on through (Dallas is having a DallasNYE party) and it’s booming; And here we are finally getting up and around Dallas and he moves out of the wrong lane, (but it works to our advantage, in the long run)

We go the long way out of Dallas with virtually no Dallas traffic ~ get to Seagoville, and it’s time for a potty break.

Okay by this time, I’ve laughed so hard at my dad because he’s so out of his element, and is just hilarious, and well, my sides are hurting. DH is crammed in the back jump seat and just complaining the whole time because of no room

We saddle back up and head home, and have to stop to get brake fluid, get some groceries and he gets to our house, about 4 or 5 pm.  We’ve just made a super round-trip to Dallas going places that Dad would never go, and promise, it’s a trip I hope I never have to make again any time soon

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