The Tooth Fairy

file0002Does the tooth fairy exist? Ask any 4 (almost 5) year old that has just pulled their first tooth (or had it pulled). The excitement in their voice, the wishing, the wanting, the waiting. And of course having to show everyone you see the “hole”.
My precious JG had her first tooth pulled this week and she was just a little delight LOL. Everything you think about when you hear about a first tooth being pulled.
“Wook, Aunt WaWa” I did it. All while jumping up and down.
And to realize that she’s growing up. She’s going into that big girl stage. That stage, where baby dolls change to barbie dolls, training wheels come off, and learning to write your name is a big thing!
Because then you can go on to the next grade.
That time when you are learning sight words and insisting on reading the book to you instead of having the book read to her.
The innocence that we leave behind, as we grow up is something that we will never be able to get back, however, as a child, you never lose that innocence.
It’s there, it’s always there and it’s not a bad thing!
Seeing a child, pull their first tooth, is something while really mundane to most, is one of the most exciting things in their life. That rite of passage from babyhood to grown up almost girl!
JG, have a great year this year, as we go into 2009 and enjoy doing all the grownup stuff that an almost 5 year old will get to do! I love you so much!

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