Loving A Pet


Loving a pet is such an easy thing to do, but loving a pet with everything you have, is a once and life time thing I believe. Sable was my once in a lifetime heartbaby. I lived to see her wag her tail, her kisses her snuggles, and yes her hugs. She would actually hug you!

It’s been almost two years since she died and I still to this day see her picture and swell up in tears. And because of her, I haven’t been able to get over my grief enough to be able to know that I would love another dog in that same way. And while that seems callous and cold, I would always be comparing and that would be so unfair to the new baby.

Now, that’s not to say I don’t want another baby but you have to understand Sable. She understood me. She knew when I was happy, sad, upset, sick, or just didn’t want to deal. And she reacted accordingly.
She was for lack of better words, a soulmate puppy. Now she wasn’t perfect. TRUST me, but she just about was (my kids said I loved her more than them) well she didn’t talk back, so there was a close race there.

Sable would come to me when I walked in the door and act like seeing me was the best thing that happened in her life. She greeted me with a smile and a tail wag every time I walked in the door.

She knew my secrets, she knew my heart, she knew my soul.

Sable I will always love you and miss you. And I am eternally grateful that I had her as a gift in my life.

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