Frustration and Being Impatient

Frustration is something that I’m trying my best to work on, and not let little things bother me as much as I used to. But I get so frustrated at the lack of customer service in our society these days.

I have recently become eligible for Medicare and had to find a supplement, and take care of details with that.

I find the “right” <~~ whatever that is supplement, and the agent writes the contract on the wrong form – 2009 instead of 2008 so my insurance is messed up.

I get that straightened out myself by calling the corporate office to get the contract walked through.

Fine that’s handled after about a month of dealing with it.

Now today, I’ve made my last of 4 phone calls to get a 2009 benefits package/card. CS tells me they sent it 12/29. Okay, that’s almost 10 days, excuse the snow storm, the holiday, Sunday and you have 6 days. Plenty of time for it to get from MD to TX.

I call CS again, last week and they send me just the cards though, and I get AGAIN, the 2008 cards.

By this time, I need a prescription filled, and it doesn’t go through, pharmacy tells me the price and I just about faint straight away, but then figure out what’s happened, call CS again, get the right information and give it to the pharmacy and they send it right on through.

Back to today. After talking to a CS rep through member services, everyday this week, and no one is really LISTENING to what I have to say, but giving me their canned, and cued answers, I am SO frustrated.

I get mad, the CSR gets mad, I get hung up on, and I get even madder. So I call corporate.

Corporate office of this insurance company has been just a blessing and such a big help. They walked me through the information I needed again, and actually LISTENED to what I was saying and realized, that I indeed did NOT have the right card, or package, and they would submit the request for a new one to be sent out (if I get two, so be it) but I will be happy with one.

Anyway, my point is WHY does CS have to be so shotty. It’s basically Customer No Service. And so many places are that way now.

If anyone ever calls me and I am “snotty” or “rude” or “no help” PLEASE call me on it.

I WANT to be told, so I can fix it and correct myself so I won’t be that way. I know I am agressive and come off that way a lot.

But frustration and impatience with people are two sins that I’m trying my best to be better at and praying for God to guide me in the direction to better myself. To be more like him especially in something as simple as “may I help you” or “what can I do for YOU today”

Talk to me!!!

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