Escape Artist

I have a wonderful two year old grandson.. who has been classified ~ AT CHURCH MIND YOU~ as an escape artist!!!

He goes to the nursery at church and we are slowly going to integrate him into regular church services.  However, he has only been around his sisters and cousins so we are trying to get him used to other kids first.  The process is working great, he loves the class (nursery, but we call it his classroom, so he’s not left out) and he likes the other kids and the teachers.

Well, you need to know something about this kid.  He is for lack of a better word ~ the ball in the pinball machine, he’s that ball.  Bounces from here, to there, to everywhere, and boy is he fast!  I am unable to keep him by myself, unless I am in a very controlled environment or unless I am having a very good lung day.  He is just, simply put, too fast.

Well he has made his presence known at church.  I love our nursery workers to pieces.  They are great with the kids, and great with him.  Made him feel comfortable when we would leave him (well ~ made us feel comfortable) as he would go into his crying fits.  I want my Pepaw.  He loves his Pepaw!

Sunday at church, our wonderful, precious grandson, has been classified as an escape artist.  People were coming in from after church, and milling around the nursery door.  Ant finds his place, the door is open just a bit, and off he goes.

Pepaw comes around the corner from the sanctuary and he meets the nursery worker, chasing after Ant.  He’s gone.  Now he is comfortable in the church and loves the gym.  They find him almost there :O

I LOVE this kid!!  He knew what he wanted and went after it.  My grandson, the escape artist.

The nursery worker told us, she has never had a kid escape.  😉

It wouldn’t surprise me if they install a velcro wall soon!!

My Grandson, Mr. Ant-Man Himself

My Grandson, Mr. Ant-Man Himself

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