That’s a word that has a whole different meaning in our house.

For years it was our life. Probably 20 years or so.

The pregame routines, the season long rituals, the What If I questions, the frustrations at not making that point, the exhilaration of making that point.

Basketball is what made my boys get excited!! I loved watching them play. I loved the game, even if they weren’t on the court. I loved our teams! Our coach! Everything about it…

But now our courts are silent as far as the playing goes.

We have a different point of view now.

When I ask, “how was the game” it has a whole new meaning. Instead of me asking how their game went, it’s how the teams went.

My son, while has lived and breathed basketball for as long as I can remember, has given up sanctioned basketball.

He now is a Student Assistant Coach.

The question “how was the game” is so different now, and brings about so many emotions. The pride in knowing that one day my son will get his dream of coaching his own team.

The memories that were in that question, when it was his game. His team. How two words, mean so much when asked at the two different levels!

David I’m so incredibly proud of you. For knowing what you want, and not letting anyone stop you. For also putting in what you had to do to get where you are. It wasn’t for lack of hard work.

All those days at the court definitely paid off… Good luck!

And I can’t wait till I can ask you “how the team is” and it’s YOUR team!

Talk to me!!!

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