Quiet House

it’s a school break tomorrow (Friday) and the kids are home. Their other Nanny is staying with them this weekend, and I have a very quiet house.

I am at a loss! I’m bored! I honestly didn’t really realize how much my life revolved around grandkids. But alas, it does!

I focus my life on Awana, on church, on my own playdates with the kids and then each kid’s special time.

Ahh. Quiet… I don’t hear Spongebob in the background, there’s no Aunt WaWa, or Memaw being hollered, and frankly,


I went through an empty nest stage with my kids when David left for school, and finally got into my own routine, and actually realized I liked my time. It’s fun when he comes home, but it’s just as much fun when he goes back to college.

I am a very selfish person. I will admit it, I will be the first to admit it. However, these 5 little precious babies, have me so wrapped around their little fingers that I am theirs… Hook-line-and sinker.

Isn’t being a grandparent the most wonderful thing in the world. You get that time with the kids. Parent’s LOVE when you take the kids, and then every once in a while.

Nanny or “E” comes down and takes the kids. And then you miss them.

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