I am a very impatient person. I know this, I will be the first person to admit this.

However, I cannot tolerate and despise incompetence. Or maybe it’s just indifference.

When people know that there is something that needs to be taken care of, but can’t do it, because they can’t handle confrontation. Or rather they are just flat lazy. Who knows.

All I know is that when I have a problem with customer service or an issue with a bill, or insurance, or benefits, whatever. I don’t sit on it. I hit it head on.

I take the preverbial bull by the horns, and I either get the ball rolling or get the process taken care of. I don’t sit on my butt, waiting for it to go away.

But how do you deal with that when it is someone close to you who can’t handle the stress of “getting it done”
Who is in every sense of the world, flat out lazy.

Who for lack of a better term, just flat doesn’t care.

Lets see, if I twiddle my fingers, or sit on my butt, it will go away and I can take the easy way out. Instead of hitting it head on, and being proactive.

YES I’m talking about you (you know who you are)

I’m sick of handling everything myself, I’m sick of you doing nothing, I’m sick of being the one left holding the bag.

Get off your butt  and do something proactive, that benefits US. That benefits US as a family, not you and your insecurities and your desire to run when the going gets hot.

If you want to run, take off. Quit BS’ing me, and everyone else in your life.

I need someone that is going to stand up for what is best for the family. I need someone that is going to be an advocate for me. Not someone that is just going to sit back and let me take care of everything, which is what my doctors don’t want to begin with.

What good are you, if I’m still having to do everything.

Hmmm. one answer… NONE.

Talk to me!!!

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