Sunday School and Growing Up

My baby has aged out of the Nursery at church!

He is officially in Toddler Sunday School.

I have to say thank you to Miss DC and Miss BH for all they do for these little children. Their gifts, of patience and tolerance, and just amazing ability to show their love at every step of the way, is such a God given gift.

While he has aged out of the nursery, he goes to Sunday School, then we are integrating him into “grown-up” church, then he goes back to the Toddler Church! 

We are so blessed to have the wonderful resources we do at our church.

Our Children’s Ministry is so blessed with the leadership and volunteers that we have.  To each and everyone of you.  I thank you!

I can never thank you enough for everything you do and for all you will do.

And of course, have to show off my “baby’s” first Sunday School craft.anthonys-sunday-school-book

3 Responses

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  2. We are truly blessed to have the children’s ministry that we do. It’s actually probably bigger than our youth ministry. It is a true blessing. And the people that are involved are just amazing!


  3. Aaaaaw, I wish we had something like that for our youngest. I stay home on Sundays because I know he won’t sit still in church.


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