“Positive School”

WOW, two words that put such a spin on a word like therapy.

Most people know that I have been in intensive therapy since April and while I’m phasing out and my last day is December 1st, there are always new things I’m learning.

One of those things was today!  I learned a new way to call it!  “Positive School”

I LOVE that!  You don’t come there to get therapy.  You go to learn to be positive.  You go to learn ways to put your self-esteem back in order.  You learn the tools not to be aggressive, not to be depressed, not to be angry, but to learn to live life on an even keel as much as you can for as many days as you can!

“Positive School”

I love those two words!

Those are two words that will stay with me long after I leave therapy and long after I’m being “theraperized” as someone else calls it.

It just puts a positive spin on it to begin with.

To go into therapy with those words, how can you NOT learn, how can you NOT take something out of it?


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