When the “Mom” role Changes

When “Mom” to your kids as toddlers, preteens, teenagers, changes into the role of moms of college kids etc, and then you get the role of mom of all adult kids, your attitude changes about YOUR life.

You do a lot of soul searching.

You know that you have done a great job with the kids.  Because they have grown up, gone on their way, they are all finally doing something that they want to do and you are extremely proud of them!

You have seen them grow and learn, and you have seen them fall down and skin their knees however, they have learned!

And you have learned, that all this time, they have been teaching you lessons.

They have taught you that no matter how much you are happy for them that they are doing EXACTLY what they want to be doing, you still miss them!

They have taught you that in no uncertain circumstances that they are the best you have ever given to this earth and that God blessed you mercifully with these 4 gifts from Heaven.

They have taught you that no matter what that when you see them doing what ever it is that they do whether it be sing, dance, play a sport, or whatever, there is nothing on this earth, that makes a parent prouder, not matter how many times you see them, or how good or bad they are, because face, they are the best!

They have taught you that no matter how many times  you say “I love you,” you always think it isn’t enough.

And last but not least,  no matter where they go, no matter what they do,  no matter how old they are, you never stop worrying.   Because sometimes, THAT role of Mom will NEVER change.

And so you whisper “I Love You” through the wind, and pray that it touches them and pray that God will keep them safe.

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