A Mother’s Prayer *Copied

For me this was a very powerful article that I would like to share.

I am so glad I was able to read this when I did.

Considering that it came to me right at the time that David was leaving to go to the Navy.

Shannon hit my feelings spot on, and I remember that as David called us recently and told us about a test he took.  He was one of 3 out of 150 that had a perfect score in the General Knowledge test.  My heart just burst with pride for him!  How excited I was that he was doing what he wanted and how he was doing well at what he wanted.

However, what my feelings go to now, are the many sailors that are working in Haiti and giving everything that they have, whether or not they passed that test with a perfect score or barely passing, their heart is still to help.  They are doing their job.  They are out their, and pouring their sweat and souls into a job that they most definitely didn’t sign up for, but who signs up for death and destruction like Haiti.

I pray that everyone who is working in Haiti, can come to some peace and that they will let God heal their hearts and soothe the pictures in their minds and exchange the heartbreak for the triumphs.  Whereever they can find them.  Whether it be something as small as a blade of grass growing in the dust or as big as a life saved under the destruction.

I pray for all of the sailor’s and their families and the rest of the military and the other rescue workers as they take on this rescue in their heart.

Please God keep them safe and bring them all home.

A Mother’s Prayer -Shannon Perry

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