Navy Mom’s Prayer

I kissed and I hugged him and watched him walk away

He graduated boot camp and was now on his way
He stood tall and so proud as he walked and he waved
I could not be happier of the road he has paved
The weekend was short how I wished for more days
Just in awe of his presence and new Navy ways
His focus and maturity came quick in nine weeks
I know he will find whatever he seeks
I am back to waiting for calls and the mail
Never knowing when the time comes for him to set sail
I will continue to wait for that next hug and next kiss
Not doing it daily is what I will miss
My son is a man now I need to let go
I don’t know if I can, I just love him so
I am proud of my son and his accomplishments to date
As hard as it is I will continue to wait
I will wait for the hugs and wait for the kiss
I will continue to pray and continue to miss
Please take care of him God on his journey so new
It makes it easier for me knowing he has You!

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