Positively Positive

Okay, it has been several weeks into this infection in my knee and I am trying really HARD to stay positive.

I KNOW God is going to heal my body.  That is not my issue.  I’m either going to be physically healed on this earth, or physically healed in Heaven.  It’s win-win.

What is hard for me in the process, is trying to stay positive in front of my family.  I’m the one that everyone comes to for their “positively positive” heart to heart talks that God is going to work whatever it is that is happening in their life at that particular moment in time.  They may not ask directly, however just by venting to me, they know that they are going to hear a verse, a Bible story or a parable that will bring positive vibes into their thoughts and hopefully help them along on their way back to a positively positive way of thinking!

I hurt when my family is hurting.  It breaks my heart to see them sad, sick angry or even just put out.  I don’t have to do that.  All I have to do is pray it out..JUST like I tell them  PRAY IT OUT!

Anyway, back to me.  I feel myself, just like them right now, with no where left to turn.  Even though I know, I should pray it out.

God please protect my family and me that we can learn the right way and pray it out.  That we can focus our lives and our thoughts to be positively positive.

Talk to me!!!

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