Simple Innocence

Anthony is three. (almost 4) He will be 4 on January 5th.

I love this kid to death! He is so precious. However, he is ALL boy. I had the pleasure just to sit and watch him last night at Kingdom Kids. I didn’t have to pick him up, I wasn’t responsible for him (leadership for that, Thank you Ms Fallyn) and even though I still did the Memaw thing, I just watched him play.

Anthony was riding on the scooter and then just falling off of it. (thank goodness there’s carpet on the gym floor and walls). He had run into every wall just because he could. Then he just started falling off the scooter. He was having so much fun. He would fall then get up and get back on. (these were little plastic scooters for toddlers)

It was all safe, so don’t panic!

Anyway, in that line of thinking, I was praying for him as he was doing all that rough and tumble stuff last night and just praying that he doesn’t get hurt (he didn’t) nor did the church.

He gets to my house this morning for school. I get this total other side of him.

I have bought him a tie to wear for the Festival of Lights coming up on December 11, 7pm and December 12, 6pm *(shameless plug there)

Low and behold, the first thing he says to me, “Memaw, can I please wear my tie to school?”

there’s my sweet baby boy… Not my rough and tumble almost 4 year old.

I had to tell him no, because I knew what it would come back as. Festival of lights is still a week away.

So we made a deal. He can wear it especially on his party day after the Festival of Lights, but I don’t care how much he wears it after that.

How how I miss the little toddler boy he was, but oh how I love the rambunctious big boy he’s growing up to be.

After raising three rowdy, rambunctious, spirited (that’s a calm word) boys, I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for Anthony! There is a true purpose for him. He has such a sweet spirit, behind that rough and tumble shell. I hope no one ever breaks that spirit.

Anthony I love you so much! You are my precious baby boy. You will be my precious baby boy even when you are 21! Ask your Uncle David!

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  1. How sweet! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!


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