The Sweetest Gift

New meanings, new emotions… how could I not understand..

This song has such a special place in my heart.  I have sang (sing, sang sung) it for years… several times on stage.
However, now, just now, is it making a lasting imprint of the words on my heart.

After hearing so many times, the stories of the prison ministry and the testimony of those who go in and out of the prisons each time our church goes, and those who work in the juvenile attention center.

This song brings on so many new emotions and feelings.

I can’t get past the first couple of lines now, singing it without bursting into tears, for all the women, men and children that are in the prisons and their families that are outside.

First of all, just plain and simple, the hurt and pain that they go through, because they are not with their families, or even harder still, they don’t have a family that loves them, or a mother to smile at them.

Second and most of all, to have that “heaven light” shine on them and those that never realize that they too can feel that smile of Jesus and even though it’s not a mother’s smile, it is so Amazingly Better!

The Sweetest Gift!  Jesus Love

Our physical mother’s smile can never be replaced, and to those women, men and children who do not get to experience that, I hope and pray that there is someone in their life that can take the place of that mother, whether it be a aunt, sister, teacher, prison guard, prison minister, you get the idea, to smile at them as if no one has ever showed that kind of love to them before.

The Sweetest Gift!  A Mother’s Love

I realize now, that the spirit I sang it in, wasn’t the right way… and that’s why God is convicting me so much when I sing it now.  Thank you JESUS!  For putting the words in my mouth to glorify you!  Even if they are the exact same words!

Thank you for opening my eyes to a world of difference and more times than not despair.  Being behind bars, during the holidays, only magnifys that feeling.  Dear Heavenly Father, please let me be more aware of this feeling within the prison ministry and while I may not be able to go into the prisons, afford me the experience and opportunity to help in anyway that I can.

I give this all up in your name!

Thank you Jesus!

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