ShutterFly Christmas Cards

When my boys were in Boy Scouts, back when they all were home, I used to be a leader in their troop, their district and their council.  At one point during my time of service, I sent out over 500 Christmas cards, most being obligatory and not personal.  After that year, I decided instead of doing that, I wouldn’t send any.

I missed sending them out year after year, however, now have grown accustomed to that.

Shutterfly is going to break that habit for me!!!

I heard about a promotion from Shutterfly from a blogger friend of mine, Jennifer and a promotion they have going on where you can get 50 free cards.  All I have to do is blog about it my favorite designs in 200 words or less! So I’m limited to 50 cards, I get my designs picked out, and I know who the 50 will go to.  Very intimate friends and family!!! It’s all win, win!!

Here are my favorites
I like this one, because the “Merry Christmas” is so prominent.  So many things get by saying Seasons Greetings or Happy Holidays, I love the big bold Merry Christmas.  Because Christmas is all about Jesus Christ My Lord And Savior!

I like this one
Because Jesus, gives me Love and Hope, and it’s only because of my Faith am I able to receive those gifts!

I like this one
Because again Faith, Love and Hope, however, this year, for me, first it’s always Jesus My Lord and Savior, I get to have all 4 of my kids under one roof! this hasn’t happened since the oldest was a teen. She is 30!
I am absolutely giddy with happiness. I cannot wait for the time to spend worshipping MY God with my kids and grandkids all under one roof, something that has 4never happened.

Talk to me!!!

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