New Year’s Resolutions – Happy New Year!!!

I just wanted to say Happy New year to everyone…

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions.. Mainly because I never keep them.. LOL

I don’t think I have EVER kept a one.

However, I have made a promise to God.  So I know He will hold me to it!  I’ve prayed about this for a while now.  I feel really confident that through His guidance and help, I can do this!  I am ready!  My reasons are different though and my spirit is totally different.  I want to grow my heart as close as I can to God through His word.  I feel like that there is an intimate story He has to tell me, that I’ve missed all this time, every time I’ve read the Bible.  My goal, through solemn prayer and again His guidance is to “get it”

I am reading the Bible through this year.  However I haven’t decided whether I’m going to use a reading plan, or go cover to cover.

I know that reading it cover to cover, probably isn’t the best way to read the Bible, however it’s a book, and that’s how you read books.

I’ve always told people who are seeking that aren’t quite ready to commit to reading the Bible or even to Christianity, that if they aren’t ready to jump into John or James or Proverbs, or Psalm then read cover to cover.  Like a book.  Not only does it tell us the greatest story ever told, but it’s HISTORY!


There are so many reading plans out there, and One Year Bibles and One Year Bible Studies, I am so lost in what to do.  So if anyone has found something really, REALLY good,, PLEASE let me know!

But for now, I’m starting cover to cover.

So if you want a resolution, or just something FUN to do this year… READ with me!   I will put up here what I’m reading for the month….

In January, I’m going to read the following:


    January 1:Genesis 1-3
    January 2: Genesis 4-7
    January 3: Genesis 8-11
    January 4: Genesis 12-15
    January 5: Genesis 16-18
    January 6: Genesis 19-21
    January 7: Genesis 22-24
    January 8: Genesis 25-26
    January 9: Genesis 27-29
    January 10: Genesis 30-31
    January 11: Genesis 32-34
    January 12: Genesis 35-37
    January 13: Genesis 38-40
    January 14: Genesis 41-42
    January 15: Genesis 43-45
    January 16: Genesis 46-47
    January 17: Genesis 48-50
    January 18: Exodus 1-3
    January 19: Exodus 4-6
    January 20: Exodus 7-9
    January 21: Exodus 10-12
    January 22: Exodus 13-15
    January 23: Exodus 16-18
    January 24: Exodus 19-21
    January 25: Exodus 22-24
    January 26: Exodus 25-27
    January 27: Exodus 28-29
    January 28: Exodus 30-32
    January 29: Exodus 33-35
    January 30: Exodus 36-38
    January 31: Exodus 39-40

    Genesis one, one tomorrow!  In the Beginning… I can’t wait to see what God has to share with me!  Come along on this journey!  I know if you were to talk to me about it sometime, I don’t think that you would be disappointed!!!

Talk to me!!!

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