Happy 4th Birthday Ant-Man! (Little Dude)

Wow, where has it gone???  I cannot believe that we celebrated Ant’s 4th birthday today!  It just seems like yesterday that we were sitting in the hospital waiting for him to be born.

This child.. This precious, precocious child!  Oh My Goodness, how I love this child.  Anthony, is the first boy on our side of the family since David (21 years).  So there was much joy all around the day he was born!  His daddy was so excited!

I couldn’t believe, after all the girls, we had another little boy!

Now my little baby boy is getting so much bigger, and older.  I just want to keep him young forever.  But I know I can’t.

God has so many plans for Anthony.  Ant has one of the biggest hearts of any little boy I know, but he is one of the roughest, toughest little boys I know.  Where this is going to take him in life, I have no clue.  Only God knows.  I pray for him daily, to keep his heart soft, and his head strong.  To make good choices.  To remember that no matter what God loves him.

This little boy has my heart… I never thought that I could love another little boy as much as I love my three boys, however, God has opened my heart, and has given me the gift of this precious, beautiful child.

I thank God for him everyday.  Even when he is driving me nuts!  I pray for his children, and his wife and even his grandchildren.  Again, I have no idea what God has in store for him, however, I can’t wait to find out!




He was so tired of taking pictures! He was already mad at me because there were so many!!



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  1. SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for praying for my sister in law and her baby. Here is the latest update:



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