#10 through #43 Multitudes on Mondays

10 The laughter of my grandchildren

11 A Call from the Ombudsman saying it’s time

12 Roscoe

13 Waking up to a warm dog right beside me.

14 My health and what I have left of it

15 Fantastic doctors

16 medicine that heals

17 A God that provided the skills to that Doctor and that researcher to help heal!

18 A child’s prayer

19 Popeye

20 The heat of a fire on my back

21 Hearing my adult kids, being best friends, not just siblings

22 Robins

23 Beautiful pictures of all the snow we have had

24 toy boxes

25 a playful dog

26 good friends

27 memories

28 a good book 29 coupons

30 a beautiful song

31 bubbles

32 high school friends

33 facebook, so I can keep up with family across the country

34 kids coloring valentines day cards

35 packages in the mail

36 dogs playing in the backyard with each other

37 dirt cupcakes

38 new calendars

39 Dr Seuss

40 Little House on the Prairie

41 surprise phone calls

42 a great sermon

43 fresh, clean sheets

and just for the record!  I can’t count, as I found out from my original blog about Multitudes on Mondays

Multitudes On Mondays




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