Listen While You Can

Bro Ronald said today ‘if you reject God’s Word enough, eventually, you won’t hear it.

Pretty strong words! All I can think of are the millions of people who reject God on a daily basis.

My heart breaks for them. I want to reach them and get the Word to them.

Just here in our on community, and in my own family, I see people that reject Him outwardly.

My heart is there. I know what I need to do. I know the Word needs to be shared and I’m to scared to go out and do this on my own.

I can share Jesus all day long with my grandchildren and my kids and sister and dad, but outside of that, I am stumbling all over the place.

I pray that I can gain the closeness to God to be able to go out of my comfort zone and share with more than my family. Whether it be just here at home, in Mexico, the prisons or somewhere else in the mission field. Either way, sharing more about Jesus is all I want to do.


Love the Parables that Jesus teaches us in Matthew and how much they relate to our lives now.

2 Responses

  1. So true, Laura! It hurts me too when I see people who are headstrong about not listening to God’s word. And I, too, love Jesus’ parables! I was telling my Sunday School class that I just love how Jesus answered questions with meaningful parables.. HE is so awesome..


  2. how imperative that we be hearers and doers


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