#58 through #84

For whatever reason this didn’t send last week, so there are two coming this week.

Sorry about the doubling up.

58 new books

59 a great nurse

60 the smell of firewood

61 piano 62 lullabies 63 coffee

64 a cool breeze

65 pink

66 birds singing

67 sounds of spring

68 new tires 69 peach tea

70 fresh mowed hay

71 watermelon

72 basketball

73 being able to go to the grocery store to get what I need

74 My Bible

75 good books to help me when I need encouragement

76 freedom of speech

77 the smell of rain

78 old tv shows

79 being able to type

80 quacks from a duck

81 talks from a sister

82 aunts

83 laughter

84 swings





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