Oh How I Love This Kid!!!

I have finally found a perfect description for the way to explain Anthony.. Every description that I could come up with made him sound like this horrible child, and other ones were way to passive!  

This one below is perfect!  Funny!, and bang on!!  

I left it in the author’s words, so it has his son’s name in it… you can find the original here.  It’s by John Hunt.  He pulls his descriptions from What Wives Wish their Husbands Knew About Women (James C. Dobson)-  I was so excited when I read this, I had to tell everyone I know!

THIS is Anthony!  Please don’t ever say he is a bad kid!  Yes he knows he makes some bad choices, and he gets that, but he’ trys so hard to do the right thing!! 

 “In fact, the very day he turned eighteen months of age, it was as though a little voice whispered in his ear, “Now, kid, now!” Ryan began running that afternoon and he’s still moving at maximum velocity. He isn’t a malicious child and he rarely defies authority in a blatant manner. But he is enormously curious and he gets into everything. If it is humanly possible, Ryan can be expected to spill it, break it, disassemble it, spread it, or render it inoperable. Trying to get him to be still and quiet is like nailing Jell-O to a tree: it’s impossible! And, of course, his personal safety teeters on the brink of disaster from moment to moment”

This is just perfect!!! I love this face!!! I love this boy!!!
He has been such a blessing to me from the day he was born!

He makes my heart smile!!!

photo credits by Richard Hall and 


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  1. lol!!! How funny!


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