New Blog

Hey everyone… 

I have started (or started back up) a new blog..

Everything I Have And Everything I Am

This is my life, laid out there, as God sees it, 
because it’s an open book.
I ask God’s forgiveness, I ask God’s healing.
It is in Christ alone,
that I find my identity. 

Originally started January 21, 2008, but now, that I am finally able to bring myself to a closer walk with God, I can admit that I wasn’t able to do this back then.  So now, I will start.  I have given this over to God, because only HE can do this and show me what to write to glorify Him.  

I want to make these words not be a stumbling block to someone else, and I want them to honor God, honor my church, honor my family and honor myself.

I have for too long, “played” at being a “Good Church Girl” as  Angela Thomas calls it and while I am a Good church girl,  I want to be more than a “Good Church Girl”
I want to be a Good “GODLY” Girl.  I want everything that I do.  Everything that I am.  To honor Him.

So I start, this journey…. with a spirit of humility…. so that HE can speak through me.

Talk to me!!!

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