“Staycations” for the Summer of 2012

Summer time in Grand Saline!!  While Grand Saline, only has a limited amount of things to do with your children, there are a VAST array of things that are local or really close (within 75 miles to us)

We are on a tight budget this summer, so our “Staycations” will be happening again.  While some of these aren’t really “staying” they are cheap and affordable.If you have any other suggestions, please comment or shoot me an email!!  

Grand Saline Salt Festival Gospel Concert, Thursday, June 7th, starting at 7:00 PM

Grand Saline Salt Festival Kiddie Capers – Saturday, June 9th downtown.  See the Grand Saline Sun this week for more information or pick up a Salt Festival booklet downtown somewhere for more details

Main Street Baptist Church Vacation Bible School – nothing better than giving your children a chance to learn about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!!

East Texas Gator Farm  – Our family loves going here.  They will also be a part of the Van Zandt County Library Summer Session and the Grand Saline Public Library Sessions

Dallas Zoo  We became members this year for a $99.00 fee and $84.00 of it is tax-deductible.  We are able to get in free, and all 8 grandkids are free.  This paid for itself in one trip.  We get a years full of admissions like this, and then any other adults that are with us, get a discount. There are several zoos across the USA that are reciprocal and you can use your membership there, including Caldwell Zoo in Tyler

Click here for a list of those that are reciprocal in TX

Brookshire’s World of Wildlife Museum – the kids loved this last year.  

Canton City Park Playscape (The Castle Park) but is officially known as Cherry Creek Park  We love this park.  Also on your way to the Castle Park, is the Old Canton City Park, by Canton City Lake… It has lots of ducks to feed and is a great place to go on a picnic.

Grand Saline City Park  (not so much this one, as we are buying a pool, and yes I know this is SO not Dave Ramsey, but when you consider the cost of taking the kids swimming to the pool vs, buying and maintaining a pool, it’s cheaper for us in the long run, since we have kids everyday, yes we’ve done the math, should we go swimming 3 times a week)

Grand Saline Library  We will take part in the Summer Reading Program at the Library in GS and the Van Zandt County Library 

Talk to me!!!

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