My Sunday

My Sunday started out with intense fear and rolling panic attacks.  Who gets panic attacks at church?  One more time I had to leave.  too many people, the fear was to great, I was devestated, because I let HIM., the enemy win AGAIN.  I’ve been fighting these again since I spent 49 days in the hospital that ended Feb 23 of this year.

Not being able to leave my home, the only time I want to be out in public is around my grandkids or my family.. MY family, not part of someone else’s.  Just mine.

Then later today I read something on Facebook about a two year old little girl (this girl just rocks my world all the time) her faith that has not been skewed by the outside world, and her love that is still mommy, daddy, grandparents, friends and God… Little Miss Molli, May be someone only two, but she speaks volumes to me.  Her attitude is one that a grown up needs to take heed and look at!!  her smile is one that adults need to look at, cause you will ALWAYS smile back!

When you hear stories like I heard today, you will always have tears in your heart, smiling so big, so bright for her courage and the trust she has in those that trust her.  Not going into details here, but because of circumstances in her life this IS a big deal!! She ran from the door to the nursery at church, not just walked… RAN!!!

It makes my fears seem so small in the big picture

Then I get home to this

My dad in hospice care and one of my youngest grandsons asleep with dad…

You know the Bible says that  Children will lead…

We need to let the Children lead!  When we slow down and let them, then we can

find the beauty in the lives, God puts in front of our lives.

Right then, Right there, nothing more, nothing less.

nothing added, nothing taken away

Just like the Bible states in Isaiah: 11:6 “Let the Children Lead Them”

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