One Beautiful Thing

I know I’ve used this picture before, just on my latest post.  However, I’m linking up with Brooke McGlothlin, in One Beautiful Thing and this IS my one beautiful thing this week.

I couldn’t help but snap this picture of my dad and JJ on Sunday.. Both so peaceful and so sweet. It’s been such an up and down road for both lately with circumstances in both of their lives.

Dad’s health, and being placed on hospice and having to go through emotions of losing control of even basic things in his life like getting out of bed, cooking his own food, no more driving, things like that..

JJ, moving again and coming back and forth from his home to dad’s every week, because his mom is so awesome to help us with dad… He is only 2 and the back and forth every week from his home, three hours away, the travel, the not staying in HIS bed, not having HIS toys, HIS room, HIS home, HIS dog, etc, etc…

You get the picture.

To see them so peaceful here, and together.

They are two of the most wonderful loves of my life.  My heart just melted when I saw them like this.  I had tears in my eyes.

So blessed that dad is able to still enjoy his great-grandchildren.  So blessed that the great-grandchildren are amazing to go through every single change they go through, for their grandfather.  This is just one of eight that my dad has.  We also have one more on the way.

Thank you sweet Jesus for the blessing of beautiful grandchildren, an amazing dad and the blessing of being able to share a beautiful thing!


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