With Grace and Mercy 2012 has lots of forgiveness

Reconciliation is actually an accounting term.
It means to mae both sides equal
When we take part in the ministry of reconciliation, we communicate God’s grace to others who, like us, don’t deserve it.
That that grace, God makes us righteous. -Carol Smith Bible Prophecy Handbook

While I don’t believe I am righteous at all, I do know the term reconciliation very close and personal this past year. It had been a year of reconciliations. First with my beloved Aunt, Not that I had done anything wrong to her, but just to let her know how much she was loved, and how much more I wish I could have done.

For my dad. Dad and I were always mad at each other, and so we were always having to say I’m sorry… But true reconciliation came as he was dying. It was me letting him know that things were okay. I would be fine, Penny would be fine and we would make sure Karla was okay. He didn’t have to worry anymore. He needed to focus on him. Put his energy into his death.

Reconciliation came with my sister also. so many days of her laying in a bed, not moving, not speaking and me, knowing that the last words I told her were ot nice at all and me telllng dad that she was okay, she goes home by herself without telling people quite often.
What she didn’t do is not show up for work that next morning. I knew something was wrong and immediately started calling hospitals,

I sat for two weeks talking to her and telling her I love her so much and letting her know that I will do my best to never ed it bad again, ad also to never take for granted were she might be,,
She was alone in that hospital for several hours… That guilt ways so heavely on me.

This reconcilication also comes with my husbad Paul E Hix, Jr and all of the crap we have been through, the separation, the imending divorce, the impendind destructions of our family.
Only to realize, that yeah, we do love each other, divorce is not an option at all. And so we have to make things work… NO MATTER WHat!!

Can I do these things Can I live through them and push through on to the other side to make 2013 a great year for my entire family.

Can I see what the reconciliation MUST say to me.

Laura you are okay. No matter what happe ed, you will be okay. None of this is your fault to wear like a badge. all sides to part in all of it.

one more left nameless, that too my heart, stomped on it, and just played with it a while. took it out and just make it a chew toy and a bone for an old dog.
That heart bleeds, forgiveness and reconciliation for this person.
Most of all, the person that hurt me the MOST should be given my greatest forgiveness…. Why? Because a man that knew NO wrong, died on the cross for all of us; he knew no sin and he took that sin away for ever , with his forgiveness, grace and mercy

You are forgiven, it is reconciled in Jesus eyes, and you are full of grace and mercy.


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