A Strand Of Three Chords

Dear Paul,

Thank you for being there for me. Loving me. Bearing with me, through all the doubts and questions lately.  The not understanding, the suffering… The pain

Thank you for being the daddy to my children (you are the best, even when you didn’t have to be there for a very precocious three-year old, Brian) you were dad. You were awesome with David, and Paul and Tara

You are my friend, you are my husband, and I adore you!

According to society, we should not be where we are. After two marriages and the problems we have had, there should not be an “us”; glad us is better than the rest.

When we determined to make divorce not an option. It was like a different relationship. 
The pressure was off.

Although there are still so many things we need to work on and to get better at, I can’t think of anyone else, that I want to work on things with.

I love you for being you….

I love you in spite of myself…

I love you… no because, no buts, just, I love you.

Even though we have our trials and our problems, I want to love you through them. Through the fire.

Just like the movie Fireproof says: 
“Fireproof doesn’t mean that a fire will never come… But that when it comes, you’ll be able to withstand it.”

I’m glad we go against the grain, and “us” is better than what the statistics say… 50% of every marriage… 1 in every 2…

I know that God has been the driving force of this. When we married the first time, the “theme” of it all was Ecclesiastes 4:12 A Chord of Three Strands is not quickly broken.

I pray that we can be that marriage… Like our parents….

I love you.  

So blessed to be your wife,
All My Love,


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