In My Weariness….

how much is enough?

when you get weary, oh so weary –
what do you do?

do you pull the covers over your head?
call a friend?
cry out to Jesus?

I’ve been known to do the first two quite often. That show in my daily life –

                     with –

                          more –

                                 weariness –

until I learn to cry out to Jesus first, my weariness will continue and worsen. it is a toe-hold the enemy gets into my lfe

then it shows up in my daily life also. whether it is in how i act towards my husband, how i interact with my grand-kids, how my friends and family see me.
it doesn’t matter, it all revolves around my weariness and how i deal with it.

i thank GOD – for that weariness, so I can look deeper unto HIM.

when i cry out to HIM, HE hears!

I sought the Lord and HE answered me, and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:7

isn’t that an AMAZING PROMISE that HE gives us?

                       “…deliver me from all my fears

so my spiritual goal is to try and turn to HIM first – 

i want to be on my face with the heart of GOD!

Let the peace of CHRIST rule in your hearts. Colosians 3:15a

Dear Jesus, 
i thank you LORD for YOUR loving heart.  i praise YOU for the SON, YOU gave, to die on the cross, for my weariness. I want to go deeper  turn to you first –I ask for your direction in knowing YOU deeper. it IS all about YOU!  as i leave here today, YOU know everyone’s heart, their needs – protect them, guide them, keep them wrapped in your arms! i love YOU so much LORD – amen

Be still before the LORD. 

and wait patiently for HIM. 

do not fret when people

succeed in their ways

when they carry out their

 wicked schemes – Psalm 37:7

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