Thanksgiving Blessing Day 13

Day 13

Today I am thankful for the GSVFD and great neighbors.  Sometimes in life, you wonder are you really doing anything right.  I KNOW I am because we have the best neighbors!  Last night, my truck caught on fire and they found it, started putting it out and helped us till the fire department got here.  The truck is a total loss, however, my beautiful tree, and most importantly, my home, are perfectly fine.  As is the 18 wheeler that was sitting right beside it.

I had 6 bottles of oxygen in the truck and it could have been a LOT worse.  We are so blessed to have such fantastic neighbors as Wayne and Bub and Lisa that would help like they did.  

Also our fire department were great!   Loved watching them slam an ax through the hood of my truck!!  

In a seriousness, We avoided something that could have been a lot worse had the gas lines erupted, or the cab spread any further than it did (because of the oxygen)  I thank GOD for the beautiful blessing of friends/neighbors and a Fire Department that are just so wonderful at what they do!  (they will get a better 

I wanted another vehicle!


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