Thanksgiving Blessing Day 14

Day 14

Today I am so thankful for my puppy Roscoe!  (who isn’t a puppy by 8 years old)  Roscoe is one of the best things in my life!

He knows how to hug, kiss and when to hug and kiss, he rarely talks back, and has the cutest little smile and dimples.  His love of chasing squirrels gets him really excited!  As will a knock on the front door!  He loves to go for car rides and loves sonic ice cream (no he doesn’t get much) as well as sonic tea!  I know I have ruined him !!

He always loves me for me and when I walk through the door!  It’s like I have never left! Roscoe knows my secrets, my passions, my cries and is just the sweetest thing ever!  I am so glad God has blessed me to be the FurMommy  to this baby boy!  


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