Thanksgiving Blessings Day 19

Day 19

Today I am thankful for the blessing of blessings. God gifts us so many things to use for our own personal growth and our growth in His Salvation. Living those Blessings and believing that those gifts can be put to good use. Hard Blessings and Good Blessings.

Hard Blessings are those that are sad, not good news, maybe hurtful or even at some points, tragic even. But they are still blessings. Those things are gifts from God! Yes gifts. You should use them, grow with them, learn from them, make your world a better place, by never performing the act that got you there to begin with (whether it you can control it or whether it is uncontrolled) . Even uncontrolled circumstances can be controlled in the future if your knowledge is different.

Easy Blessings are those that come easy. A new baby, a job promotion, a new car, etc Those kinds of blessings are so easy to thank God for! He says he will “make a way; however, you have to pave that path so he can guide you! Rejoicing in those easy blessings too much, and only in the easy ones, make you so unprepared to handle the Hard Blessings.

Small Blessings, are those that are well, easy overlooked. A child’s laughter, a rainbow after the storm, a husband’s hand in yours. A grandchild’s way of saying Memaw that only a grandchild can do! Those blessings are the ones that we should have most perceptive about. It is SO easy to tell God thank you in the big things! (like that new baby, that job, etc) but we get busy and we let life get in our ways then we forget to thank Him for the little things.

Doing that blanket “thank you for all blessings” just isn’t really enough. Thank Him for those wonderful small blessings as well as all of the rest of the blessings you receive!

Today I am s thankful for the gift of all blessings, Easy, Hard, Small, Big, Good, Bad….

God is gifting us with miraculous things daily! Remember to thank Him!

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