My Crappy Attitude

My attitude lately has really stunk lately….

on top of being on either bed rest or in a boot all summer long, in just the past 2 wks, I have 

had horrible lab test results of off the wall testing

my truck burned

messed up immensely on paying a bill

had my iPhone charger caught on fire

lost my hotspot

got into a car that I am terrified about paying off

As well as the fact that my son leaves monday and I have no clue when I will see him again.

and who knows what else.  All in all, it’s just been a “no good very bad FEW days” (remember the book, Alexander and the Terrible, horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day)

Well, that book fits my life now

isn’t it amazing how much God blesses us with this minuscule things that just push us so far…  God gives us these things, just for the plain and simple reason so that we will KNOW to thank HIM, to seek HIM, that he will hide our tears in his hand.   God is always there to protect us and to hold our hands, our hearts and our tears.  He forgives us for not seeking Him first.  like the rain/sunshine, etc, t the important things like cars, or babies..remember to thank Him when you get the hard realities in your life.  

Thank you Sweet Jesus for letting me realize just how much I need you.  That no matter what, i know in my heart that you love me and that you are my protector, my collector of tears.

Thank you for giving me all the blessings you have especially when I never deserve them!  

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