Thanksgiving Blessings Day 29

Day 29

today I am thankful for the ability to be able to do nothing sometimes!  I mean just nothing. Sit back, mindlessly drown in a book or a tv show or both, a steaming hot bath,   A big glass of tea… or hot cup of coffee, or hot chocolate…..

nothingness!!  for that I am eternally grateful because for that, I survive the rest of the business!!  God has blessed me with the ability to not work…  I realize to some that it might now be a blessing  But it really is.  We can afford our lifestyle on one income, we can be part of that generation that is a one family income.  Would it be better if we weren’t?  Of course!!  

When I am totally by myself, I can read my bible, pray and get more worship in the oneness of God!!  Even Jesus, went alone and prayed in Gethsemane…  Mark 13:32…  While I love my alone time, my alone time spent in the Word of God is so incredibly special and something I need to recharge!

That and nothing!   nothingness.. nothing at all, nada, nilch, nil, nine!   yep… I’m thankful for nothing!


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