Five Minute Friday Jan 3 – Fight


scary, struggling, survival


what is so significant about the word fight.   It frightens the heck out of me.  Although I fight for what I think is right, I fight for my opinion to be heard, I fight for others when they aren’t being heard.  It still frightens the heck out of me though.

I get scared, scared of what I might lose, even though that fight is in me.  I know I might be wrong in my delivery….  but…. that still doesn’t stop me.  

So I fight.

I also fight to survive in the world because of the depression and anxiety that I have.  I can lose my nerve over anything.  I can become a quivering, rolled up ball in the corner of the room by just a statement someone makes or a thought that runs through my head, so I fight daily to beat the struggle.  

However, I know that neither fight is right.  God says, do not be afraid.  Do not be boastful or proud or angry.  (not in those words of course) but still, the message is the same.

The fight is hard.  To keep my self above water ever day.  I have that on my mind all the time.  The fight is one I will have for the rest of my life, however I KNOW that no matter what, God will lead me through this and HE will fight for me if I just let him.  I have to let go and let Him

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday


I wrote this post in just five minutes. With little to no editing. It’s part of what we call Five Minute Fridays.

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