The Memory Jar – Book Review

I LOVED this book, there are just no other words to describe how much I enjoyed this book.

Filled with a certain suspense, a great amount of love for others, and God, what more can you ask for in a book?  The Memory Jar has all that and more.

Tricia has a way with spilling words on the page, that make you look inside yourself and think about what would you do, what could you or what should you do. (Although I don’t like the word should and it’s a negative word) in this aspect, she’s bang on.

Not to spoil the ending or anything, but let’s just say many heartaches in memories sometimes, and those memories when used to help others, can be a negative turned positive.  Even if YOU are the one they help.

I love the idea of a Memory Jar also.

here are some great ideas for your own Memory Jar   One of my goals is to do this with the younger set of my grandchildren, that I affectionately call the “littles”  However, they aren’t quite so little anymore as the youngest informs me..

The Memory Jar - Tricia Goyer

The Memory Jar – Tricia Goyer


The Memory Jar follows Sarah along her path of broken dreams, completed dreams, broken hearts, love filled hearts, and an experience that shatters her heart. Through the memories of her friend, the dreams of her future, and the promise of her heart being healed, Sarah, finds love, adventure, and finally a mended heart.
Tricia Goyer weaves through the lives of Sarah and her family and her friend Jathan and his family. Check out Tricia’s Pinterest Page here on the entire series

Loved this book by Goyer. Will be reading the entire Seven Brides Series)

I’m currently reading The Promise Box and cannot wait to review it!!

The Promise Box – Tricia Goyer


I have not been compensated for this review in any way!

Go check them out here!



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