God’s Answered Prayer Manifested Right Before Your Eyes

I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who was praying for us this week, and let me tell you about how God worked in our lives this week and how HE manifested his miracles in our lives!!!!

I had a screw in my foot that I had NO clue about and then also stepped on a hair clip that I was trying to get out of the package, dropped it, tripped and stepped on it. very fluke, it went through my shoe, as did the screw, and the screw I didn’t know about, so I had no clue about how long it had been there, I found it when I went to wash my tennis shoes. We went in wound care app. Dr’s appt on Wednesday and they explained to me and then told me to expect possible surgery because the screw had hit the bone, and I was placed in the hospital on major IV antibiotics..

Okay, back to the prayer warriors, on Thursday, they told me that there was a no surgery expected, but 6 weeks of Long Term Care on IV Antibiotics,to the tune of 700$ for supplies and medications…
We prayed, others prayed, we knew we couldn’t afford the 700$, I KNEW I couldn’t go 6 weeks Long Term Care, because of my dog, and because of my claustrophobia, etc, and I just cried and prayed all day, because it just could not happen God knew my fears, He KNOWS my fears
The next morning, they came in and said, just 2 weeks of IV antibiotics at LT Residential Care (I said Thank you God) God was answering Prayers, left and right,,,I know he was answering prayers!!! So I sent out another prayer message and messaged my friends on FB, and after many prayers between my husband and I on Friday, we wake up on Saturday to Dr K coming in on saying you can go home, with NO IV antibiotics, this has all been Staff Responsive and as far as I’m concerned you can do this with just Bactrim,, Nothing IV! It’s all good!!!

No IV’s, NO Long Term Residential Care, , it’s just me, my pills, and home health care.

Did I say nothing.  Oh how much I was blessing God and saying thank you and the cost of this 5.15$   Yes that’s right (out of pocket)    I am sure there is more, but that’s the other of pocket costs.    I am just so in awe of all of those of you who prayed, and who were praying 

two people I must mention because they don’t know me.. they don’t know me from Adam.  But they prayed for me faithfully, every single day  Tricia Goyer and Kendra GIllilan…….  I just cannot thank you ladies enough

To Main Street Baptist Church as alway, you are my rock and my home.  I thank you so much for all the prayers, the love and all the tests, emails, calls and love you all send!

To all my friends!  Amber, Celeste, Heather, Theresa, Mitzi,   God bless you all.  you all are the bomb and I love you so much

To my family!!, oh my goodness, I can’t even do this without you!!!  thank you so much


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