Five Minute Friday – Still


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This weeks prompt is still…

I haven’t written for #FMFriday in a while.  However, for some reason, today I felt the need.

I know God has called me to be still in my life and there are WIDE OPEN reasons for me knowing this.

1) being without a car

2) my health is not doing well

3) the focus on trying to pay off bills

4) and just the plain and simple fact that HE has placed me, right where he wants me.  Sitting at home, studying HIS word even more. My husband has a new job and he is home everyday.  After almost 30 years of driving a truck over-the-road.  We are in reality, having to learn to live with each other.

God has firmly planted me in our home and there are really no questions asked about it.  I hate it, and I am miserable.  Honestly, and God is forcing me to be still (I am really complaining here) While God is working right straight in my face with this, I have fought tooth and nail to get past it and find a way to “not be at home”  I hate staying home, especially being alone.  I am just not good when I am that way, because I tend to shrink inside myself and if I don’t get out and about, I will hibernate and never leave…

That hasn’t worked very well for me.  Argue with God and see what you get LOL

So in my anger, God pushed even further.  He did whatever it took to make me realize that this is right where I need to be for this season in my life.  I don’t know why, I may never know why, but I do know for a fact this is a God thing.

While I have fought it, God has put things right in my lap.  I was too blind to see.

So here are somethings that I have prayed about

a second car, better health, a way out, finances, and my marriage.  The enemy is pushing me also.  Isn’t that funny how they can both push you at one time and it sometimes is quite obvious, but then sometimes, you really have to seek the face of Jesus Christ to know that THIS IS HIM.

He want me to be a better person, to become fully His.  No compromises, no second guesses, no arguing.

To do that, I have to be still.

Jer 29:11, says that I know the plans for you… I am so thankful that HE has my plans in HIS hands, because I know I would mess them up like I have been.

I was so restless tonight and I finally just got up and read my Bible and God called me to James 1.  I LOVE the book of James.  and he tells me that when I have trials and tests, I need to be thankful for them.

Be blessed, and no doubting.  Isn’t that an awesome thing for Him to tell us… NO DOUBTING!

Fully, 100%, trust Him, no matter where He leads us and in that, He will see us through to a better way.

I have done the 30 days of thanks with a group of women, and I am so blessed that God has called me to write, because I know that no matter what, he is in control.. HE IS IN CONTROL!  What a blessing that is, because without Him where would we find ourselves?

I know for me, being still is right where He wants me for now and then He can anchor my soul!



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  1. I don’t think being still comes easy to women. Perhaps this is what Kate was hoping we would all come to recognize as we wrote our 5 minutes on “still”. While you may not like it, may you find peace in being still. May our God reveal more of Himself & His ways to you. May you come to realize there is purpose in the stillness which is beyond our understanding. And may you know that He is STILL at work in every prayer request you have brought before Him. Visiting from FMF this morning & I do think this was my first time here so, “Nice to meet you!” Blessings!


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