A Christmas Miracle Comes to Holy Nativity – Book Review


Ken Regan has a great story-line here and weaves a very good story, only it lacks depth and finesse. The premise is that the pastor who has failed at several assignments gets one last chance. Holy Nativity Church. During the time he is there, they realize the church is broke and to continue they must raise enough money. Add in a love story with the token single mom and the church-members that are very negative and you have a story found in any town in any church…
Even though I found this book to be just like every other romance book around, it does have its moments. It is fun and filled with moments of laughter, also moments of great insight. I just didn’t find it consistent with either..
If the book had been just a bit longer and had a bit more time to develop[, I believe this could have been a fantastic little book!









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  1. Nice post:) Always looking for Christmas reads, especially for my students. Hope you check out my debut, THE WAITING ROOM!


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