Twist Of Fate – Book Review


Twist of Fate (A Holiday Romance Novella)My Review
Rachael Anderson. Twist of Fate HEA Publishing.
When Mackenzie Tyler and Tyler McKenzie moved into the same apartment complex, just one floor away from each other. Who ever dreamed that they would become really close friends? With flip-flopped names!
Mackenzie was a 3rd grade school teacher and Tyler was a gaming computer artist. Tyler and Mackenzie often got their mail messed up because of the flip-flopped names.
So imagine his surprise when he receives in his mailbox a postcard from her boyfriend that changed their lives forever.
A Twist of Fate is a great little book focused around two friends, Christmas, and falling out of love, falling in love, and interpersonal relationship with parents
Everything changes when one parent comes to visit!
Does the twist of fate help them find love, or will they lose each other forever

My thoughts.
I loved this little novella so much. It was packed full of Christmas Spirit, family, friendship and love.
Ms Anderson packs a lot into just a few chapters and I was really excited to read this book. It left me wanting to read more. Everything about this book was good for me. To me there wasn’t even the cheesy Christmas story. It was something I have never read anything like before, with the details of their lives. I loved the name thing! That was an extra little added punch to the story!!





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