Happy New Year


Prayers that your year has been filled with blessings, that you are healthy and that you can put God first in everything you do.

I have chosen not to make resolution this year but to choose One Word (#OneWord365) to describe  the direction that I would like my year to take

My word is intentional,  I need to learn to live less out of habit and a lot more intentional in every action and reaction I have.                                                                                                                                                      

From the dictionary

1.  done with intention or on purpose; intended:
an intentional insult.
2.  of or relating to intention or purpose.8

I want to be INTENTIONAL in my relationships, my actions, my diet, my health, but even more so, my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am reading the Bible through again this year with this reading Plan called Becoming His by Joanna Weaver that can be found at http://www.joannaweaverbooks.com/my_reading_plan.php

God has blessed me so much in 2014 and the cold cliche’s just don’t sound sufficient.  He has been MORE than enough to me, and I know I need to give back to Him and make sure that I am in The Word. For me, it is not enough to read the Bible.  I need to go deeper, I need to understand what I have read.  So my prayer has changed, instead of God helping me “get through the Bible”  God please help me to understand each word, it’s meaning, it’s significance and how it relates to Jesus Christ and how I can use it in my life.

Isn’t that amazing?  We have a blueprint for our lives, already written  We just have to read!

Choose your One Word    #OneWord365  https://www.facebook.com/OneWord365

I am a person that wants to know why.  I need to know why.  However, just this past year in 2014, I’ve realized that the why isn’t important of what WAS done.  the WHY is important in what you are doing!  

I need to make sure that everything I do, I do intentionally to glorify God!

That’s my #OneWord365

praying you all have a very blessed year and that your year for 2015 is filled with Intentional actions, Intentional Worship and Intentional Purpose!





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