Library Reading Program

What a blessing I had this morning!

I was so blessed to read to 6 beautiful souls at our library today and we had a

really great time reading


This sweet little book tells about Bunny Gray who is trying to find that perfect valentine for his friend Rosie.  This beautiful book Kneen illustrated just perfectly and has interactive pages.  Margie Kneen, the author and illustrator has made it just perfect for little minds to feel, see, and sense by making each page, a “gift” that Bunny would love to give his friend, but as you open each interactive flap, it goes on to tell you how each “gift” that is illustrated with shiny, metallic, materials, and a full sensory touch illustration is really a gift we already have from the heart part of nature and that is the best gift for Rosie.

This was one of the most beautifully illustrated books I have had the pleasure of reading for a young child.  The book reminds me of a painting on every page.

While the concept might be a bit older for the age levels it is written for, the book itself and the beautiful illustrations were pefect for this young of an age group.

Being able to read to these beautiful children and their parents was such n incredible blessing.  I was so encouraged to see each parent/guardian so active and involved with their child where the reading this program was concerned.  Seeing the sheer joy on their little faces as they picked new books to check out and as they explored the library and every time the train came by seeing their little faces light up and go running off to the windows and doors!  I think I even saw some parents running off to see the trains also!

I honestly have not had a better time spending a little time doing something I enjoy doing – reading.

Thank you to Mrs. Hazel for giving me so much amazing help.  I could not have completed this morning without you.

After we read, we all gathered together and did some painting that each child could take home as a gift to their FAMILY.  We used this craft I found on Pinterest

I made the plain, unpainted TP rolls into the shape of  heart and taped them so that it would stay as a heart for little hands.  we used white latex craft paint and I poured some into a stack of coffee filters for each end of the table.

The kiddos were able to take their TP Roll and dip it into the paint then “paint” their construction paper.  We had papers filled with hearts and then some papers that didn’t have very many.

What we had was a beautiful collection of art made by 1-4 year old and the enjoyment that I had helping and watching these kids was again, an incredible blessing for me.

Thank you to Miss Kelli for allowing me to read to the children and to the parents for sharing your children with me.

This beautiful little sweetheart,  was my date for the morning and below is the artwork she completed.  I am just so grateful to programs like our Public Library and all the help you can get through their resources!


unnamed (1)

go check out our Public Library the old Depot Building

Their website is

or you can find them on Facebook and Twitter

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